FREE Opened Jesus ring sizer

Free Printable Ring Sizer




Figuring out your ring size can be a challenge if you do not own a ring sizer. Opened Jesus will provide you with a free printable ring sizer that you can make right at home.

1. Download and Print

Download and Print at 100% setting. (no enlarging or no shrinking in advanced print settings.)

measure ring sizer printout

2. Cut

Cut it out and wrap the ring sizer around the thickest part of your finger as tight as you can carefully without ripping the paper. It may be easier to test if it slips on and off if you tape the ring sizer.

free ring sizer

3. Measure

Read the number that shows up on the arrow. They are in .5 increments.

free ring sizer

Need something more precise?

If you want to be really accurate, please purchase the ring sizer in our shop. This is the most accurate ring sizer that I've tested be- cause this ring sizer is able adjust as you slip it off your finger.


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Printable ring sizer PDF